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Project Completed June 2011

Rent Event Hostess - Exhibition Hostesses

To have a successfull exhibition, you need to rent hostess in Dubai to represent your company and welcome your guests. That is why all our hostesses are selected through multiple interviews and training to guarantee their professionalism, reliability and ability to represent your company in the best and effective way in the exhibition. Our hostesses are highly qualified in image, protocol, languages, and their experience is guaranteed. The event hostesses we provide have demonstrated over time that they are the best talent for the exhibitios they have attented so far in Dubai.


We have for your Exhibition;

  1.  Event Hostess
  2. Service Hostess
  3. Exhibition Host
  4. Stand Hostess
  5. Translator Hostess
  6. Models


Important Notice ; Hostess reservations should be made very early to your event, because prior to your event we may not have any available hostesses.


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