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  • Exhibition Service Dubai

    In your exhibition participation, it is very important that the treats and offering you serve for your visitors and guests to be quality and attentive.We will be your biggest support with our experience in exhibition catering, service-oriented approach and successful team during the exhibition.With Dubai Exhibition Service who serves with the policy of unlimited consumption, you can reduce your costs and get a good quality exhibition service at low cost.

  • VIP Exhibition Service Package

    1 Service Hostess, Decorating Tables, Plates, Nuts plate, Napkin Holder, Ashtray, Sugar Bowl, ( with Porcelain or Glass equipment) Hot and Cold Beverages Nescafe, coffee, tea-bag (together with coffee machine and kettle) Cold Drinks (Cola-Cola, Fanta, Fruit Juices, Lemonade) Snacks and Cookies Luxury Nuts Paper Cups, Paper Plates, Table Napkin, Garbage Bag and Serving Tray. VIP Exhibition Service Package is for minimum 100 people. Please fill the form or call us to get a quote for prices and dont forget to state the amount of people you want a package for.

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